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Isn’t it enough of a tedious, 9-5 job? Welcome to AMZ Soldier, which presents the best Amazon seller training course to you, providing you the tested, latest, and 100% working art of selling wholesale on Amazon. Understanding the Amazon seller central is crucial if you want to manage and grow your business effectively, and this Amazon Course will lead you to all the nitty-gritty to dominate your niche via selling brand name products.

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Meet The Trainers

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Jonathan Proulx & Curtis Keeping have been able to master the game of selling brand name products on Amazon and are now looking to teach their business model to other’s who are willing to learn through their Amazon wholesale course.

John & Curtis didn’t start out as successful entrepreneurs. They started their careers working in Northern Alberta’s oilfield as tradesmen.

After spending several years working in the oilfield for someone else, the two came to realize that there are far better opportunities out there to make a living.

At the time, Amazon was displaying record-breaking growth year after year, and with over 51% of Amazon’s sales coming from 3rd party sellers like John & Curtis. They quickly saw the advantages of leveraging Amazon’s seller platform and having access to their existing customer base of 350+ million people.

For the next 3 years, John & Curtis doubled down and began to learn how to use the mega platform to make money.

With many lessons learned from trial and error; and many lessons learned from their mentors, John & Curtis have put together an Amazon seller training program like no other. They have included every possible detail needed to succeed and thrive while selling brand name products on Amazon from anywhere around the world!

Are you Ready to Start Earning on Amazon?

The only Amazon Seller Training on this planet
that covers the following:

quickly, safely and most importantly

…The Right Way!

Are You A Complete Beginner?

(This Is Perfect For You)

​A complete step by step guide for anyone to start selling brand name products on Amazon, no matter what your background is.

A step by step strategy to find profitable brand name products that are in demand and sell instantly.

How and where to find brand name wholesale suppliers for these products?

Shipping tips/ shipping products across international borders (USA/CAN).

How to build a relationship with suppliers?

How to add tremendous value to the brands.

​How to get money back from Amazon for lost & damaged inventory/ customer returns, and over charges on FBA fees.

Tax advice from a registered accountant that specializes in helping Amazon sellers ++++++++

​Access to private members only Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with the AMZ Soldier family.

Already Know AMAZON?

(This Is Even Better For You)

Over 15+ bonus videos to help take you from a beginner seller to an expert seller.

​​Accounting and administrative advice from our ninja assistant.

How to assemble your dream team?

Lifetime access to our Amazon Seller training material and ongoing updates when new information or procedures become available.

A trusted list of our recommendations for apps and service providers.

80+ instructional videos on how to build and scale an Amazon business from anywhere in the world.

Access to copy-and-paste supplier contact templates.

​100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the AMZ Soldier Course.


Still Not 100% Convinced That Selling
Brand Name Products On Amazon Will Work?

5 Reasons why the AMZ Soldier Family love’s to sell brand name product’s on Amazon

Get Started
Fastest Turnover
Fastest Turnover
Get Started

The Low upfront cost to get started

We are able to place orders for products with our suppliers for as little as $500. Making this method very easy for the beginner starting out looking to get their feet wet selling on Amazon

Lower risk than any other method of selling out there

 You’re able to spread your first investment of $500 out over 5-10 products making it very safe in case something were to happen to one of the products. Usually, with methods like private label there are high minimum orders from manufacturers from China and you have to purchase that 1 product. Not the case with wholesale, don’t put all your eggs in 1 basket.

All of our products come from The United States or Canada

We only work with authorized suppliers that are located in North America. Our suppliers are able to ship our products to Amazon’s warehouses for us, this cuts out the need for any middlemen like 3rd party prep center’s or inspections saving us time and money.
Fastest Turnover

Fast inventory turnover

We are able to get products selling in our stores sometimes as little as 5 days after we placed an order. Because our suppliers are in the USA or Canada the products are already really close to one of Amazons many fulfillment center’s, within a couple of days those products are selling making our profits.
Fastest Turnover

Were able to leverage the brands reputation

If nobody knows about your product, how hard and expensive is it going to be to stand out and make sales? That reason right there is enough to sell brand name products. We only sell products that are in high demand right now. We focus on big brand name products that have been around for a number of years like Hasbro, Adidas, Lego, Barbie, Keurig, Mattel and Apple to name a few. We Don’t have to create any listings for these products because they are already made and fully optimized and we defiantly don’t have to spend money on paid ads to bring customers to our listings.

Are you Ready to Start Earning on Amazon?

See What Our Students Are Saying About Us?

We have a wide range of clients across many financial spheres, from small family offices to major national and international corporations.
“The AMZ Soldier Course Is Great. The Training Videos Are Nice To Follow Along With Step By Step. I Was Able To Go Through The Course While Working A Full-Time Job. I Remember Having Some Questions About Shipping To Amazon And The AMZ Soldier Support Team Was There To Answer Them. Highly Recommended For Anyone Looking To Get Into The Amazon Game.”
Muhammad Nycey Dugac
Edmonton AB, Canada
“If You're Looking To Learn The Skills Necessary To Succeed In Selling On Amazon Then You Should Check This Program Out. I Have Wanted To Sell Online Now For A Couple Of Years But Kept Putting It Off Because Of All The Misleading Information On The Internet. John And Curtis Get Straight To The Point And Give You All The Tips N Tricks To Get You Up And Selling. 5/5”
Krzysztof Wisniewski
Edmonton AB, Canada
“Been Trying To Figure Out How To Sell On Amazon On My Own For Quite Some Time Now. I Was Confused, Lost, And Nothing Made Any Sense To Me. I Finally Had The Courage To Take A Chance And Buy The AMZ Course. Hands Down The Biggest Leap I Ever Made And Have No Regrets. Due To Curtis And Johns Training, I Can Now Happily Say That I Quit My Job And Am Financially Stable Selling On Amazon”
Edwin Devine
London ON, Canada
“I Was Kinda Hesitant At First On Getting This Course, I Have Never Purchased Something Like This Before. I Was Sick And Tired Of Going To The Same Job Day In & Day Out, Working For Someone Else. So I Did It, I Got This Training Program And Never Looked Back. Since Then I Quit The Job That I Hated And Have Been Running My Amazon Wholesale Business Ever Since. Best Decision I Ever Made. ”
Brett MacLean
Sudbury ON, Canada

Grab the Amazon Course Today!

Lifetime membership to the AMZ Soldier Family so you can come back to the material in case you need a refresher on something.
Access to the most up to date course material to keep you miles ahead of the competition, anytime something changes or a new strategy comes up in the market, you will be the first to know.
100% student satisfaction or your money back (within 30 days of purchase).
Amazing support staff to help you through any roadblocks that you may run into while building your Amazon business.


Ready to Shine via Amazon Seller Training?


See What Other Students Are Asking Before They Join The AMZ Soldier Family

Can this business be operated from anywhere in the world
Yes, all you need is a computer & an internet connection to maintain your business
Can I sell on Amazon in the United States if I live in Canada or another country
Yes, you can sell in any country that Amazon is setup in. There are no rules or restrictions on where a seller must reside.
Is the Wholesale method the same as Private Label
Absolutely not.. The wholesale method & the Private Label method are very different. The main differences between the two are:
Private Label requires you to launch a product from scratch, your responsible for finding a manufacturer to make your product, design it and
package it. Next you need to build listings for your PL products and then rank them by running paid ads.
The Wholesale method requires you to find suppliers who carry the types of products that you want to sell, these suppliers are usually located in North America. You don't have to spend any time or money building listings or running paid ads, branded products like Hasbro, Adidas, Nike, Barbie & Disney already have huge brand recognition and basically sell themselves. We will show you how to pick the best branded products to sell in your store.
I heard there are fees to selling on Amazon, are the fees too high to make any profits?
Selling on Amazon is a real business opportunity and just like any business there are expenses. If you decide to use FBA then there are costs involved but you need to remember the amount of work that they are doing on your part and the fact that your able to use there sales platform and gain access to there massive customer base is priceless. At the end of the day, Amazon gets their cut for doing there part and we as sellers are still ability to collect our fair share of the profits.
Its 2020, isn't Amazon too saturated with other sellers trying to do the same thing by now?
Not at all, there are lots of Amazon sellers on the platform but the amount of them who are selling branded products accounts for less than 15% of total 3rd party sellers. Over 52% of 3rd party Amazon sellers sell there own Private Label products and are not even competition to us. For the ones who sell branded products, a majority of them don't know what there doing and you'll see that in a hurry when you start selling yourself. All you need to do is learn how to properly sell on the platform and you'll CRUSH the ``competition''. Not to mention how big Amazon has gotten over the past couple years, they have 350+ million customers in the USA alone, the average annual spending per Prime members is $1400, there's plenty of room to make money.
I have a friend that failed at selling on Amazon or I have heard of someone who couldn't make any money selling on Amazon.
We are sorry to hear that many people try and make it selling on Amazon but unfortunately some people don't have what it takes to make it a success. The most common mistake we see people make is that they try and start selling with absolutely no knowledge of the platform or how to find profitable fast selling products and end up buying the wrong products that don't sell, all their money gets tied up into products that they can't sell and they eventually have to liquidate all their inventory at a loss.. Then they tell all their friends that selling on Amazon is a scam and it don't work.
Don’t hesitate to Contact Us
Don’t hesitate to Contact Us

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