Thinking about adding wholesale in your business module means you are up to something big in your business model. The wholesale business makes the product selection more comprehensive and involves more suppliers to negotiate the price and volume. That means you are going to grab a significant profit margin. Well, Amazon wholesale account serves you in the same way.

To add wholesale ideas, you need to find a wholesale account first.

Getting an amazon wholesale account is not that difficult as people think it to be. People usually focus on developing wholesale connections with brands that are challenging for the struggler amazon seller.

How To Find Profitable Amazon Wholesale Account For FBA

This seems to be impossible for a normal amazon seller to make associations with big names. However, it is easier plus profitable to collaborate with small businesses to get into the actual business.

We have compiled a list of a few tips that would help you to get to that new level of freedom in Amazon FBA selling. Have a look!

  1. Check Out a Product’s History of Hotness

amazon hot products

While finding an amazon wholesale account, that is very essential to suss out a product history you are interested in trading. You can take assistance from the extensions such as Keepa or CamelCamelCamel to generate an accurate report of the product history of hotness. Use the extension How many? That would help you with how many of your competitors are selling this product.

That will help you to develop your complete future business perspective and bargaining over rates with manufacturers or suppliers.

  1. Look at Amazon in a Distinctive Way

Amazon is one of the important online markets that give the facility of comfortable online shopping. Numerous wholesalers are serving at their best. You can check out the wholesalers there.

All you need to do is proper research about your specified product and then collect the details about that product’s sellers. Start from the top sellers of that product on amazon to note from the good Amazon FBA merchants.

Note: you need to be a bit more realistic if Amazon is the seller of that product as it raises the bar of competition too high.

  1. Go for Local yet Profitable Sellers

Instead of going for big brands, it’s better to go for smaller and local businesses for fast amazon wholesale account success. That would help you to vouch for those suppliers personally. That will be of great benefit to check the products in real and make you able to contribute to the local economy.

amazon wholesale account

You would save enough money that is expected to be spent on shipping, plus you can pick it by yourself. Not just this, but also you can manually collect the detail of that specified product. What more?

  1. Solicit for The Big Trade Shows

Trade shows, we must call it significant exposure to businesses. If you are looking for suppliers for Amazon wholesale account for FBA, trade shows can be a backlog in such a situation. The wholesalers are always up to get new and potential clients to expand their business, and trade shows pave the way.

how to find amazon wholesale accounts

Hitting up the big trade show will help you meet the wholesaler welcoming you with wide arms. You might get a dealer willing to cut a deal with you, leading you to a significant profit margin. Who knows?

  1. Take a Little Road Trip

Taking a little road trip to hit up the trade show is not a bad idea if you are not a prominent city resident. It would give your business a better exposure. You can go to search the trade shows in the surrounding areas of your city.

Also looking up for neighboring cities with big trade shows would add up in your FBA status. The trade shows in smaller towns can help you get potential deals with better bargaining opportunities.

Explore the trade shows on the trade show’s website to get the detail of businesspeople. Contact with them even before the show and grab the deal before anyone else.

  1. Trade Show Websites

We have discussed earlier the effectiveness of trade shows. If you cannot take a road to search for the one, you can explore the trade show’s website.

Sign up on this online platform and get the detail of all the merchandise. You can contact the vendors personally without visiting any trade show.

Make a viable connection with the vendor, satisfy your queries, and do your best to get the beneficial deals.

  1. Product Packaging and Labelling

finding wholesale account for amazon fba

We are not into so much of this assumption that finding an amazon wholesale account is problematic provided you are taking the right way. Whatever the product you want sale comes with packaging having the manufacturer’s printed name and contact detail. You can find the relevant info on google and can make contact with the vendor. That’s all you need to open a wholesale account.

So, if you are growing gradually in your business, you would up to expand your sale. These contact details will help you to contact the merchandisers.

  1. Search a Vetted Wholesale Directory

It would help if you tried to find out the renowned brand’s wholesale directory, such as WorldWide Brands. If you get it rightly, it would be a great worth of your one-time investment in it.

There is the cost of connecting with international brands’ wholesalers because the worldwide brand has made it with their hard work and dedication and collected the countless wholesalers.

Through this directory, you can get the details of wholesalers interested in working with Amazon wholesale account sellers. From here, you need to pay heed to find out the fact of profitable products.

  1. Find The Right Suppliers

That is very important to connect with the potential supplier. Not every supplier is trustworthy so, once you have decided the product, Go, find the potential and reputed supplier.

You can seek aid from the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) or Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database to find that specific product’s best seller. You would get an enormous number of manufacturers of one product. Choosing the exact all depends on you.

  1. Amazon Best Sellers

To find the Amazon wholesale account sources is quite a simple task if you are not making it complicated for you. Even on amazon, choose your required category to search for the specified item.

You can pick up the top 100 or even more sellers and collect the manufacturer’s information online.

Once you reach your required product, collect the manufacturer info as per your need via google.

Final Words

Well, it’s not a challenging task to increase your profit by finding a healthy account for FBA for selling wholesale on amazon if you are a brain with enough creativity. Following all the tips mentioned above will add a boom to your business.

If you want to be a seller on Amazon without any private label, an amazon wholesale account is a great idea for you. Plus, you can increase your profit margin more than a private label seller. It’s a win-win situation.