Amazon wholesale sourcing is getting hype because of its profitable outcomes and better business exposure. Finding amazon FBA wholesale suppliers and distributors is not a complicated task if you are going through an exact way.

There are a lot of techniques to find amazon FBA wholesale suppliers. You can pick any or all the ways to find as many suppliers as you want for your business. Selling wholesale products on Amazon will accelerate more product opportunities and variegate your supply chain.

Here, we are going to discuss a few of those methods that will help you to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Let’s have a look!

5 Ways for Finding Amazon FBA Wholesale Suppliers and Distributors

If you have decided to be in wholesale business on Amazon, then you must go first to find out the high-quality wholesalers for Amazon sellers. Use these ways to your interest and find tons of right wholesale suppliers for your Amazon FBA business.

  1. Do an In-depth Google Search

What can’t you find on google? Almost every detail you can pick from this search engine. Make a google search to find some outstanding Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers for your business.

These are a few search queries you can opt for to find the exact results. Write any of the ones replacing with the location of your own choice.

wholesale “inventory” “download” “CSV”
wholesale “inventory” “CSV”
Or Type wholesale “inventory” “CSV” “Michigan”
wholesale “inventory” “CSV” “Queens”
wholesale “inventory” “CSV” “New York”
Type wholesale “data” “feed” “CSV”


Here, you will start finding the results of your interest. Just be more creative while searching on google and make necessary amendments in a keyword to see better results. Also, by adding the minus symbol in your queries -china -India and -Alibaba will show you your desired results, excluding the products from these locations or businesses.

If you are playing with your keyword or query amendments on google, you are more likely to discover so many amazing things. It’s manual and would take a bit more time but at last, it would worth every of your minute. Go wild and find a ton of wholesale amazon authorized suppliers.

  1. YouTube Research

Youtube is quite a similar platform to Google. The rules applicable to google are the same for youtube. But, it is not as quick in responding to the results as Google does. Also, the quality is not that high as we get on google.

But, it doesn’t happen every time, as sometimes you get the potential wholesalers that offer the quality products. What’s wrong to give it a try? Trust your luck.

  1. Working back from the Amazon Product

That is something we say researching for the product. Amazon has an enormous number of products with bestseller Rank. Product has an increasing volume of sale, as the number of rank decreases. In the most straightforward word, lower the rank means higher the deal. So, when seeing a particular product of your interset between the bestseller rank 1,000 and 100,000 for the main categories, here you need to be curious about the source of that product.

That would help you meet the potential Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers and distributors. You can google the details to know about the source of that product, and directly contact the seller after finding the contact detail.

Not just this, search for the product wholesale on google. You will find a whole bunch of wholesale suppliers that are selling that specific product. Contact those distributors and get your SKU list! You can check the amazon suppliers list on different apps like AMZanalyzer or Wholesale Inspector to finalize your pick.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Trade Shows

Not only the best option to find Amazon wholesale account but hitting up a trade show to find the Amazon FBA wholesale suppliers isn’t a bad idea. This technique was centuries old when bazaars were up to expand the businesses. Trade shows are a great source to meet potential clients and display your products. 

Also, you can find wholesale distributors through this medium.

It doesn’t end here; you can meet the manufacturers and know their distribution channels for direct wholesale business with the company. 

Suppose you are residing in the city where trade shows are not in a trend. What would you do then? We are going to discuss this. You can take assistance from trade show websites most specifically search through ExpoDatabase.

Invest your time and efforts on this; the final result will satisfy you for sure.

  1. Branche Directories, Industry Federations, Partnerships, etc.

You can search for branch directories, industry federations, or associations on google to find the wholesale distributors for your amazon wholesale business. For example, you can search your product wholesalers by searching for that product industry associations.

You need to spend a good time finding the useful lists of companies, but in the end, you will get the list of quite good and exact wholesale companies for your wholesale business.

Final Words

Getting into wholesale business on a big platform like Amazon is great to deal to expand your business exposure and profit. You get a chance to grow in a two way in a business term and a financial period.

To find an exact amazon FBA wholesale suppliers and distributor can be a life-changing experience if you get it right. Sometimes, small wholesale sellers yield a significant benefit in your business. Give it time, don’t rush, and do proper research before finalizing the distributor for your amazon wholesale business. Your time and effort in this process will worth everything in the end.