Opening up an amazon wholesale account means a significant exposure to your business. But how do I open a wholesale account on amazon? You must be wondering as it’s not that easy to get Yes for amazon wholesale account too often.

If you have tried it much time in the past and haven’t got a Yes for your amazon wholesale account, that means you need to mend your ways. It becomes frustrating sometimes to hear “No” after every attempt to set up the wholesale account on amazon. Most of the people stop trying after these responses.

But it would help if you no quit as we have compiled a list of multiple ways that would allow you to get a “Yes” for your Amazon Wholesale account from wholesale companies. You can take aid from these tips to better jump into the wholesale business by successfully landing wholesale accounts. Let’s have a look to know the answer to How Do I Open a Wholesale Account on Amazon?

  1. Contact The Wholesale Company

The most critical and very first step is making contact with the wholesale company. That is to say, everything in the future depends on this top step. Many people didn’t get succeeded in landing the wholesale account because they couldn’t dare to take this first step.

People usually avoid making contact with the wholesalers because they had a fear of rejection or not having enough guts to reach out the something new. Well, this is all the matter of the mind of how you set it up. You are never successful in the business if you don’t have the heart to take a risk.

If you don’t reach out to the wholesalers or make contact with them, there is not a single chance of landing an amazon wholesale account. Take a step out and contact the companies by different methods such as phone, Email, Contact us form on the Website, or most personally through trade shows.

  1. Present Yourself as a Professional

Professionals are more successful in business as compare to the people taking it casually. Well, you can stand out in the number of competitors just because of your professional behavior. You can be more acceptable for wholesale companies if you present yourself more professionally when you are trying to land wholesale accounts.

Take it seriously from the start and set up a business website and email address with the same domain name. That would give a professional exposure to your business. You don’t have to invest a big for this purpose as you can easily set up your business website and email address economically.

One landing web page giving your and your business introduction on the website is enough to reach out to the authentic wholesale companies and giving your business idea. In this way, you can make a difference with your competitors. Work like a professional.

  1. Communicate in Advance that you are an Amazon Seller

Put your all efforts to establish a relationship with the new company. Please take all the necessary information about their company by first revealing your intention to open a wholesale account. Try your best to communicate confabulation about their history.

At the start, tell them about your intention of selling their products on Amazon. They would better tell you if they are accepting any amazon seller or not. That would save yours and their time. And if they already know about your actual business of contacting them, they would tell you their policy for amazon sellers without wasting time.

  1. Deliver a Valuable Proposal

Here, it would be best if you showed some guts as a business. You need to make the company realize that you are not just thinking personally but also broadly where you aim to bring benefits for the company as well.

So, you must deliver a value proposal depicting yourself as a potential client who is not just interested in buying things for cheap to resell on Amazon. If you succeed to win the company’s attention and make it to the land company wholesale account, that means you have shown your worth already.

You can strengthen the relationship with the company as an amazon seller following these basic ideas, such as Adhering to minimum Advertised Price Policy, optimizing Amazon listing, Fighting negative product feedback, Running Amazon pay-per-click campaigns, creating new product pages, and opting for many more other ways, etc.

Even if the company is not in the state to accept more Amazon sellers, you can add benefits to the wholesale company by landing new accounts that your competition will not be able to land. This step would help you in the future.

  1. Don’t Head to “NO” Suggesting a Trial Period

That’s how you can mold the situation in your favor. You make the conversation final before it reaches No. you must brag yourself and the company at the position where at least you are not getting a NO.

If you feel at every step that you are losing the conversation for opening a wholesale company then convince them for a three- or six-month trial period. This Tactic can be quite helpful for showing your potential.

This trial period would give you a chance to prove your worth. Plus, you would be able to get a permanent position in the end. At last, you get the opportunity to bring the benefits to the company that they can’t resist to say you Yes for a permanent wholesale account.

  1. Ask for an Amazon Exclusive

Once you have made it to arrange a few accounts for your wholesale business, then it’s great. Here you can ask the companies to give you exclusive prerogatives to sell their products on Amazon. Try out this technique with your most successful wholesale accounts. Choose accounts that have proven the most beneficial for you and company both and has increased your working relationship.

If you have shown your worth to the wholesale company over time, they would never deny giving exclusive privilege to their valuable customer. That’s how you get better by time in business. Give your time and money with a full heart to achieve your goal.

Wind Up

Hopefully, the query How Do I Open a Wholesale Account on Amazon is answered now. After following these tips, you would start getting more Yes. Also, you would see a significant decrease in “No” from wholesale companies. Stay consistent and evaluate in a better version by time.

Remember it, not every time you would get a straight Yes for a wholesale account. However, observing these suggestions would lead to an increase in your accomplishment in landing new wholesale accounts. This success will help you establish the wholesale side of your Amazon FBA business. Let us know if you have succeeded after your using these tips.